A searchable, crowdsourced list of over 1k investors. It was a hackathon project that became the #2 Product of the Day on ProductHunt when it was launched.

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Building a Let's Encrypt client from scratch

active open source ruby writing

A pretty detailed (12,000 word) how-to guide on building a simple ACME client from scratch, able to issue real certificates from Let's Encrypt. The example client is written in Ruby.

XDog Sketch

active js open source

Recreating the XDoG image stylization technique in the browser with React & tf.js. The app lets you produce sketchy, handdrawn style photos with lots of options to customize of the aesthetics of the final image.

Toolkit for using We the People petitions data to visualize states by their level of similarity/difference, to create novel clusterings of the electoral map, and generate insights about those clusters using Spark, Hive, SciPy, scikit-learn and Matplotlib.


js open source

Vidbot connects YouTube push notifications with your Slack team. It's a mashup of Slack RTM, YouTube and Google PubSubHubbub, written in Node.js.

JustVector icons

open source

150 monochrome, fully scaleable, fully editable vector icons for social sites. The icons are completely free for commercial use, and are available in .AI, .EPS, .SVG and .PNG formats.

Nitlink gem

open source ruby

A nice, modern, nitpicky Ruby gem for parsing HTTP Link headers (per RFC 5988).


js open source

Inspired by facebook.com/celebratepride - a super-lightweight library (< 100 lines of span) to “prideify” any image using the <canvas> element.