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A searchable, crowdsourced list of over 1k investors. Friday hackathon project: the frontend is powered by Angular and Gulp, consuming CSV from Google Sheets as a super-simple backend.

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Building a Let's Encrypt client from scratch

In-depth guide

A pretty detailed (7k word) how-to on building a simple ACME client from scratch, able to issue real certificates from Let's Encrypt. The example code is written in Ruby.



JS library

Inspired by - a super-lightweight library (< 100 lines of code) to “prideify” any image using the <canvas> element. Licensed under MIT.

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jQuery plugin

windowed.js is a jQuery plugin that implements Chris Norström's awesome "Windowed Slider" concept. It takes your regular checkboxes or <select> lists and transforms them into slick 'windowed sliders'.

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JustVector Social Icons 1.5

Icon set

150 monochrome, fully scaleable, fully editable vector icons for social sites. The icons are completely free for commercial use, and are available in .AI, .EPS, .SVG and .PNG formats.

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Personal site

The site you're on right now (ooh, meta), is open-source. It's built with Ruby 2.3, Middleman 4 and is hosted on Amazon S3. You can also jump to the source code of any page using the link in the footer. Licensed under MPLv2.



Tokenization Ruby gem

A Ruby gem for simple string tokenization, based on the method used by Google for their Google NGrams app (

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Legacy projects

Old projects that I've retired

This site is open-source (more info) - here's the source code for this page.