Teaching computers to rap

Today I was lucky enough to stumble on this fascinating paper by Nguyen and Sa describing how they created an automated rap lyric generator. It’s well worth a read.

Basically, the researchers scraped http://www.ohhla.com/ for lyrics and (using a state machine) split those lyrics into verses and choruses. The program was then trained to generate new lyrics using these corpora, along with a rhyming dictionary (http://rhyme.sourceforge.net). Every line was generated 30 times, and the best result (based on rhyme and syllable count) was automatically chosen.

The results, while not rap classics, are surprisingly passable:

see i won’t deny it i’m a straight ridah
i got semi-autos to put holes in niggaz tryina play me
i look to my future cause my past is all behind me
yeah see the cross on my neck that just might freeze me
shine now if greed come between me and my man d
well they say they wanna question me

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