JustVector Icons update (v1.5)

Dropbox, Quora, Pinboard and Ping

Last month I released the JustVector Social Icon pack, 100 monochrome vectors for social sites and services. Really, the pack was a selfish endeavour: although there are plenty of social icon packs out there, what I wanted - no frills, full-scaleable vectors for all common sites - was difficult to find. But the feedback I’ve gotten suggests others have found the icons useful too, and the pack’s already clocked up 10K+ downloads.

In that spirit, I’m pleased to roll out the first update to the pack, adding 50 thoroughly lovely new vectors. Highlights include icons for Dropbox, Quora, Pinboard and (Apple) Ping, all included by popular demand. Compatibility has also been improved, the vectors are now CS3+ rather than CS5.

JustVector web font

JustVector web font

Thanks to some great work by Sergio Díaz the set is now available as a web font. With a little @font-face magic, you can have social icons to resize, recolour and generally abuse.

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