windowed.js is a jQuery plugin that implements Chris Norström's awesome "Windowed Slider" concept. It takes your regular checkboxes or <select> lists and transforms them into slick 'windowed sliders'.

JustVector Social Icons 1.5

150 monochrome, fully scaleable, fully editable vector icons for social sites. The icons are completely free for commercial use, and are available in .AI, .EPS, .SVG and .PNG formats.


A lightweight jQuery plugin for animating CSS text shadows. Based on Edwin Martin's Shadow animation plugin.

CSS3 floating feedback button

A vertical floating feedback button, a-la UserVoice, using CSS3 2d tranforms (and other tricks for cross-browser compatability)..

GTokenizer gem

A Ruby gem for simple string tokenization, based on the method used by Google for their Google NGrams app (

JustVector web font

The JustVector icons as a web font, courtesy of Sergio Díaz. Just load them up with @font-face, and resize, recolor and restyle freely!