I currently work as a web-development instructor at Makers Academy - a 12-week coding bootcamp in Shoreditch. We take people from zero experience to junior-developer level. The course covers Ruby, TDD, Rails, JavaScript, responsive design & realtime technologies.

The course has been covered by The Independent, The Guardian, The Observer, Forbes and the BBC. If you're interested in being taught by me, head to the Makers Academy website to apply!


The site

The site is a static site built with middleman, and hosted with Amazon S3's static site hosting. I'll try and open source the site up soon – in the meantime, drop me a line if you have any burning questions.

The fonts used on the site are FF Tisa Pro (body text), Lato (headings) and Monaco (code blocks).

Built with a helping hand from Twitter Bootstrap and jQuery.

Get in touch

If you'd like to chat, contact me via email at me@alexpeattie.com or on Twitter (@alexpeattie).